Allan and Ashley
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Our Story

Once upon a time…

A young woman stumbled into a coffee shop early in the morning half asleep, running late for an early shift at Barnes and Noble when she quite literally dropped everything the moment she saw her one true love. It sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it? It might have been if the thing she dropped wasn’t a full cup of hot coffee which then splashed all over herself and the two or three other people waiting for their orders to be finished. It also wasn’t the first time she saw her love, nor was seeing him the reason she dropped the coffee (exhaustion and clumsiness are probably the true causes) but saying it was caused by love at first sight sounds pretty nice, right?

So where does her future love come in? He had the mop. Allan was working behind the counter and actually served Ashley the coffee she promptly spilled everywhere, and was quick to come to her rescue with a mop while she bent over trying to wipe it all up with a handful of napkins. He was a real life knight in shining armor coming to her rescue. You might assume that was when he asked Ashley out and that the rest was history but you would be wrong. It took about 2 more months before he worked up the nerve, but the coffee incident definitely broke the ice and a friendship formed, even if initially that friendship only existed in Cup ‘n Cork Coffeehouse.

Three years, two apartments, and 3 new jobs later, Allan decided to work up the nerve again to ask Ashley a special question, and on June 23 (exactly 3 years after the coffee incident) the two were engaged.